Thursday, 8 July 2010

What I liked about BB 9700 - HW

What I like about the Blackberry 9700 Bold (hardware):
Please note this is my own experience, for the official specifications please visit Blackberry site.

- Battery life (I only had couple of apps installed on top of what it had pre-installed; I guess if I installed apps that run in the background, it will affect the battery life). With WiFi turned on, on average usage (Twitter, MSN Messenger, Facebook, etc... running in the background / receiving notifications) it lasted 3 days.

- Keyboard keys; though they are tiny, but once I got used to them, I typed quicker and more accurate than before.

- Shortcuts; having a keyboard with more than 30 keys "customizable", I don't think this feature is available in any other phone.

- Camera; photos quality is amazing compared to many other phones with 3.2MP cameras, I didn't verify, but most probably, the lenses used are of a higher quality than other mobiles.

- 3.5" Audio Jack, though it's becoming a standard in all new smartphones, to have it on Blackberry I consider it as a plus.

- microSD Card: it came with 2GB card, which was enough for me to have few MP3 and MP4 files.

- Holster: The device came with a holster. It has three functions: 1- it protects the device from scratches. 2- it saves battery life; apparently there are some censors installed; as soon as I put the device in its holster, it turn itself into "sleep" mode; obviously I could put the device in "sleep" mode by pressing a button, but I found this very convenient. 3- Notifications: I customised notifications (ringtones, vibrations, etc...) based whether the device is inside or outside its holster.


  1. So how much do you give it over 10? does it have disadvantages?

  2. that's only 1st part of the hardware side :) there are other parts I'd like to share (yet to be published).
    Personally, considering other aspects (hardware, software, etc....), I'd give it 7.5 / 10 .