Sunday, 5 February 2012

Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray

It happened that last week we had a problem with our Philips LCD Monitor. The problem was that a pop up window to adjust colour setting (like what appears when you push one of the buttons underneath the screen) would not go no matter what we did. Turning the monitor off/on several times, playing with the control panel, switching the wires and connecters several times and even connecting it to another computer didn't help either. The pop up window didn't go no matter what. We contacted Philips customer service and maintenance and explained the problem and they said their team will contact us back for a quote for fixing the monitor but that never happend. Finally, we looked on to several blogs about similar problems happening with other people and it was often mentioned that the Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray would be a good thing to try as it might be some dust stuck inside the screen that are clogging the buttons from functioning properly and hence the pop up window.
The very next day we got the spray for about the equivalent of ten dollars and worked our way to open to monitor (which was a bit tricky and had to look at other blogs for instructions) and sprayed the lower part of the monitor where the panel of the buttons is. We left it open for 24 hours and after closing it up and turning it on..Horraaay the window was gone! The screen is back to normal. We were so glad that we saved the price of a new monitor and the price of fixing it by Philips (who never bothered to take the job anyway). Hence, what the whole point of this was to recommend the Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray in every home as it could surely save some bucks.

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  1. Thank you for fixing the monitor and for writing this :) and I totally agree about the Electrical Contact Cleaner