Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sony MDR-ZX100 Stereo Headphones

I just received the Sony Stereo Headphones as a gift today and I was so pleased with them that I couldn't let this night pass before I made a blog about them. I am not a technical wizard/witch so I am not going to go into technical details but will just simply share my few hours experience so far.
Firstly, I wanted a headphone instead of an earphone and without going too much into why as it is out of topic it suffices to say that I feel a headphone is more practical for me as it is easier to find in my bag, I would be less worried about lending it at school from a hygienic point of view among other things. Secondly, I wanted a stylish headphone that wearing it in public won't embarrass me. Third, I wanted a good quality one that would last long. Today I received a white Sony headphones that looked like this
As you can see, it is a stylish headphone that comes in a range of colours, mine was white. Also, what is special about it is its ear lobes, that cushioned for ear comfort and protection, semi-rotating for flexibility and adjustable to head height. Also, so far the sound quality is so fine and I can't complain about it at all. If I am to rant at all, it would be about the Sony logo which I don't know why, but wish it was smaller, but that's just me and I think is irrelevant to the overall quality of the product. Although it is a present and I have not received an invoice with it ;) but on play.com it is for about 20 USD, so that's really excellent value for money. The following is how it looks like without the packaging
So in sum, this is a stylish and affordable product from Sony that I recommend to anyone looking for a good quality but not so high tech headphone.

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